Polyamide-6 modified
Antistatic, antifriction, non flammable

The introduction of carbon nanoadditives allows the modification of molecular structure of polyamide-6 and to obtain unique properties for this given class of materials, expanding the ranges  of applications and markets.

Photo of a crack of modified polyamide-6

Photo of a crack of non-modified polyamide-6


Confronting the advantages over  similars non modified.


 Polymer nanocomposites have been synthesized and modified by fullerenes.Analysis of samples were conducted in laboratory Polimertest. Following the research material samples modified showed a significant improvement compared with unmodified polyamide-6 property.

The antistatic properties have significantly been improved – several orders of magnitude enhancement in electrical conductivity has been achieved with a very small amounts (up to 0.1 wt% and less) in polymer matrix of polyamides electrical resistance decreases up to 106-7Om·cm;

The dielectric permeability (ε) and the breakdown voltage have been increased;

The tensile modulus, tensile strength, and the hardness of the composite are improved by about 40-50% (tensile modulus up to 15 GPa);

 The metal friction and abradability coefficients have been reduced significantly (by 2–4 times);

 The temperatures of softening, melting and destruction have been increased (increasing of termal stability on 50oC);

The heat conductivity and moisture absorption have been reduced (by 1.5–2.5 times) with the density being retained.


The combination of these properties provide a qualitatively  higher quality safety level using modified products as compared to normal polyamide-6 when in conditions of highly flammable and explosive gases (for example, in case of methane emissions in coal layers).

-        The price of the modification is insignificant

The standard polyamide-6 manufacture technology remains unchanged.



Main areas of application of modified polyamide-6:

metallurgy: metallurgical works, iron, steel and pipe plants, enrichment plants;
mineral resource industry and oil mining and processing enterprises;
pulp and paper industry;
shipbuilding and ship repair (shipping, ship repair and shipbuilding companies, ports, etc.);
 oil and gas industry (management of drilling, exploration);
 aircraft construction;
food industry (meat processing plants, breweries, soft drinks factories, etc.);
engineering (equipment for the food industry);
urban water supply utilities.


Using a modified polyamide-6, a conveyor roller for mining pit equipment has been manufactured.

Due to unique properties of the material, this product can be used in explosive conditions instead of metals, which provides saving on operating costs and includes  the reduction of conveyor belt abrasion



Rollers and bearings of modified polyamide-6 can be applied in:

mineral resource industry - rollers for belt conveyors;
metallurgy - rollers for belt conveyors;
shipbuilding - bearings and stern propeller shafts, bearings of stocks and nozzles;
 petrochemical industry - bearings, radial bearings turbodrills; supporting guide rings
chemical industry - rollers for belt conveyors.



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